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What working in a dental practice means to me

Patient Care Coordinators are the ambassadors of Centre for Dentistry, overseeing front of house to ensure the smooth running of the appointment diary and marketing the practice. Excellent patient service and care is at the heart of all we do and is integral to the PCC role. Joanna Baylis, PCC at Centre for Dentistry Rustington reflects on what it means to her to work in a dental practice.

In a dental practice you take on so much more than what is just listed in your job role.

In a dental practice, you are a listener and a source of comfort for those who are so terrified that they may be in tears before they have even gone into surgery.

You are the person who may change their perception of dentistry forever. If someone comes to us who is completely terrified and you can get them to sit in the chair and have a check-up, something that they have never done before, that is something that they will never forget.

You are an educator, ensuring that every patient who leaves understands any treatment and that they are aware of how to improve or maintain their oral health.

You are the person or part of a team who is going to drastically improve their life. A smile and oral health is so important and giving someone back their confidence is life changing.

Yes, it can be challenging but there is no reward greater than a patient with a confident new smile.

We’re currently recruiting for Patient Care Coordinators in our 24 nationwide practices. Find out more about the job role here.