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Being a Patient Care Coordinator

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Our Patient Care Coordinators are a vital part of the team in helping with the day to day running of the dental surgery. Giving outstanding customer service, they ensure that patients feel at ease throughout their journey in the practice. Proactive and imaginative, PCC’s also drive the marketing of the practice to raise awareness of our presence inside Sainsbury’s and within the local community. Charlotte Medcalf, PCC at CFD Chichester explains her role in more detail.

It’s all about patient care

At the heart of everything we do at Centre for Dentistry is excellent patient care. We like to meet and greet our patients with a happy, confident and outgoing manner to ensure that they feel comfortable in our care and happy with their experience. We pride ourselves on having a ‘can do’ attitude and supporting those with dental fears and anxiety. The company partnered with leading charity, Anxiety UK last year and we have been working hard to raise awareness of dental phobia, aiming to help others with information and tips with our free guide to overcoming dental fear. Centre for Dentistry practices up and down the country have also been fundraising for the charity with activities such as CFD Chichester’s walk a marathon in a day.

We offer our patients a chance to view the practice and speak to the team before their appointment so they can be sure that they feel completely comfortable. All of our dentists have dealt with many different types of patients, from those that can just about walk through the door to those who absolutely love visiting us for their appointments. We feel it is important that dental care is personalised. The clinical team, supported by the front of house team, may make suggestions not only regarding products or treatments that may be of benefit to a patient as an individual, but also if there are ways to help them save money.

As a PCC, you not only provide excellent service, but build a lasting rapport with patients. Personally, I enjoy meeting all different types of people from all different backgrounds. It’s also rewarding when I see a patient, who initially struggled through our doors with dental anxiety at their very first appointment, just about able to have a cup of tea in the waiting room, now able to successfully complete their treatment. It is a wonderful feeling knowing you have been a part of the support network to help that patient and others through their anxious times.

Managing front of house

Patient Care Coordinators ensure efficient running of appointment bookings to ensure that patient care is delivered as high as possible every day. Our focus is firmly on what’s best for our patients and delivering the highest standards of service.

Our patients are always offered a chance to join our wonderful annual dental plan at the front desk before they leave their appointment, which will give them access to huge savings on their check up and hygiene appointments.

Patient correspondence is another important task we take in our stride, ensuring reminder and confirmation calls and texts have been completed. It is of great importance to ensure all notes, paperwork and details of a patient have been securely recorded on their patient file and any letters or communication noted for future reference. Without this, a dentist cannot personalise their care or the nurse set up the surgery before a patient attends their appointment.

Practice marketing champion

PCC’s champion the marketing of their practice, whether that is in store, or online, using platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to let our patients know of upcoming events, deals or interesting information and tips.

In store marketing is a great way to spread the word about the practice and the services we provide. Shoppers may spot our colleagues in-store and may even be offered some of our toothpaste samples! It not only is a great talking point, but we can ensure people know where we are in store and what we have to offer. During the time a store walk takes place, we would also do a tannoy speaking to everyone in the supermarket over a microphone which may encourage them to think ‘Oh, I didn’t realise there was a dentist in Sainsbury’s!’

Patient Care Coordinators look after the practice; a relaxing atmosphere and a neat and tidy environment will contribute to our patients’ excellent experience at the practice. We look after the display tables to ensure there are interesting leaflets accessible to our patients in the waiting room and make sure that the TV has up to date practice information and magazines to settle down with whilst you wait.

We, all across the company, join monthly conference calls to get tips and ideas on marketing strategies and to hear how each practice is doing and what can be improved. There are many more benefits to a conference call, but it is great becoming friends with work colleagues across the company as you learn more each day. Suggestions are also made during these calls as to how we can encourage people to start using our new dental app for booking appointments and any improvements we feel could be added to the main website. We get to be creative as part of this role as we create content for the Centre for Dentistry website blog.

A great place to workCharlotte PCC CFD Chichester

Centre for Dentistry is a wonderfully supportive company to work for. They look after their staff and their patients to the highest of standards. There is always support at practice level or head office if required and you never feel alone. The team help you to develop your dental knowledge, support you in your career with CFD and best of all we have a great working bond! I thoroughly enjoy my role as Patient Care Coordinator here at CFD Chichester.

Find out more about joining our support teams at Centre for Dentistry and search for current vacancies. We currently are keen to recruit in our London and North practices. Do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.